press release

Young People of the Pandemic​ is an intimate glimpse into the psyche of American youth living through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. A diverse group of young writers from across the country illustrates what it is to be a member of Gen Z in a divided country attempting to conquer the greatest crises of our time.


An anthology for readers of all ages, the book presents a selection of voices from the generation that will inherit a wounded nation. With resilience, bravery, wisdom, honesty, and humor, these young writers tell their stories. The writing is not only used as a form of emotional expression, but also as an exploration into the journeys of young people as they navigate an uncertain and turbulent time. The collection is heartbreaking yet heartwarming, presented in an extremely readable format.


Throughout these stories, poems, and anecdotes there is hope on every page, with each written piece serving as an example of creative courage. A book for today and tomorrow, ​Young People of the Pandemic captures voices that will be remembered throughout history.