Tess, 18

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Camp is opening! These are the exact words any camp kid or camp counselor looks forward to hearing in these uncertain times. I am counting down the days until my job as a counselor begins. I have gone to camp since age 11 and always called camp my second home. It is where I went horseback riding everyday and hung out with my friends. These were the best summers of my life. I made the best friendships ever that I still have to this day. 

This summer I am going to be a lifeguard and teach swimming. This summer there's so many protocols that they have decided to follow prior to coming to camp this summer. One of these protocols is Testing. 

In many states there is free covid testing available for people who aren’t showing any type of symptoms. Our directors had to get creative as to how they were gonna go about the testing. Vault Health has a spit test kit that you buy and they email you your results. This is what the camp directors chose to do. Five days before we go, we take the test and then have to self quarantine. Then, when we get to camp, we show them the results of the test. Once we get to camp we do it again to make sure that we are all covid free. We also have to check our temperature twice a day for the 7 days leading up to camp. 

Camp has always been a place that is entirely tech free for the kids and has limited technology usage for the counselors, meaning that we only have service and wifi in the staff lounge. With the way school has gone this spring, I think that this is a really good place for everyone to be so we can detox from technology for a little while. 

As I sit in the car on my way up to Maine, I look forward to all the memories I am about to create. 

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