Kaleigh, 14

I am what you may call an average teenager. I will soon be graduating 8th grade from a small Catholic school in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I have attended this school since kindergarten and have been with the same kids for 10 years. Outside of school, I am very active in sports. I play both club soccer and club lacrosse. I love playing these sports but most of all socializing with my teammates. I have my school and sports friends which keep me very busy. 

Everything started going downhill when school gave us a month break because of the Coronavirus. All my classmates were excited about it - at first. We all thought that the month was going to be a glimpse of summer vacation. Then everything started to shut down: restaurants, shops, and my sports teams. I went with my family to our vacation house in Key Largo. We would do online school there and then go fishing and boating. It was great, this was the life I wanted: boating, swimming, and sleeping in.  

In my final year at this school, I was looking forward to Confirmation for which I had prepared all year, the Passing of the Torch ceremony, the traditional end of year Spaghetti Dinner, the formal dance, and of course graduation. Most of all I was looking forward to sharing these and other events with friends I’ve practically lived with for 10 years.  It felt like closure, since we are all headed for different high schools next year. I have just wanted to go back to school, back to lacrosse and soccer, back to my social life. The future is unknown and scary for me as I worry about family and friends getting sick. I am missing what I should have had as a graduating middle schooler and wondering what high school will be like under social distancing. I am scared but do not want to show it or let it affect me. 

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