Jason, 18

I was really swamped with schoolwork, even though I wanted to write something for this book. I had little time to write much, but had an idea and spoke to some friends from my summer camp in Maine. I asked them for comments they might have on any aspect of living through social distancing, the world situation and what was important to them. One guy said, “If you ask me, it shouldn’t be called a pandemic, it should be called pandemonium.” Another friend complained about the baseball season, saying, “I don’t think we’re going to make it to Fenway this summer. How can any team play if they haven’t gone through Spring Training?” My best friend, who also goes to a camp in Maine, told me, “The best part of my whole year is going to camp. Think it’s ever going to happen? Maybe by August.”

I will try to write more comments when I have some free time this summer. Don’t worry. I’m on it!

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