Emily, 13

A letter to my good friend, COVID-19

Dear COVID-19,

As you know, we’ve been stuck inside for months now. And I must say, it’s like the most fun I’ve ever had. (Insert dramatic eye roll here.) It’s amazing! Canceled shows, camps, and even better, no social interaction! I never thought I’d miss the absolute internal panic and chaos that comes with walking up to someone and introducing yourself. So much of my day has just consisted of me staring at my iPad, trying to come up with something to write. But of course, as I haven’t had much variety in my day, ex: rehearsals, stores, restaurants, etc., writer’s block has taken over. Absolutely. Thrilling. Other than the boredom that ensues when you’re stuck in the same place all day, I actually have learned some valuable things that I can carry into my teen/adult years. First of all, I’m one of the people who can say I’ve lived through a pandemic like this. After this pandemic is over, children will be born into a new, post-pandemic world that we haven’t seen since the Spanish Flu in 1918. But, unlike 1918’s Spanish Flu, we’re lucky enough to have things like electronic devices. I’ve also started to learn how to bake, which I doubt I would have done if you hadn’t caused all this. Of course, I can’t thank you for that. Really, I can’t. It’s so much of an honor to be living history and, at the same time, so incredibly infuriating. Together, (while very much apart) we plan to murder your face for the rest of forever. So, thank-you, COVID-19. For absolutely nothing.

Love, Emily

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