Tabitha, 13

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

During quarantine, I’ve been seeing my cats almost all the time. Before this, my friendly cat, Liesl, would always walk up to my dad or brother, never me. But after 81 days stuck in the house with them, I know how to get her to like me. From 9 to 11 in the morning, Liesl is usually tired, on my parent’s bed. She is really friendly in the mornings and is okay with me holding her, and petting her. Her favorite thing is when someone rubs her face, or she gets to rub her face on a corner. After a few minutes, she has already fallen asleep on me. Unfortunately, 9 to 11 is the time that I’m working on school, so I have to wake her up and leave, which breaks my heart, but then I give her treats, so it’s okay. Being quarantined with my cats has made me know them pretty well, but I still have experiences with them that shock me. For example, I was cuddling with Liesl, and she licked me! My cats haven’t licked my hand since I was 5, so I was shocked! Her tongue felt like sandpaper, which I wasn’t too surprised about since I had been told this when I was young. She licked my finger a few times, and then, to my surprise and horror, she licked her butt! I was disgusted because this made me realize she probably has done this before, meaning her butt germs were on my hand. Another time Liesl surprised me was at 5 in the morning. I wasn’t feeling well, and couldn’t fall asleep, and who do I see but Liesl. She comes into my room and sits by my window. Then she comes over and just snuggles with me. For the next 2 hours, she went back and forth between me and the window. It was super nice and made me feel better. 

Anyway, I wanted to be fair and include a story about my other cat, Sweetie. We have a bay window in our kitchen, and our cat beds are there. We also have a ton of bird feeders that you can see from the window, as well as window feeders. Now my cat Sweetie, purrs very loudly, like REALLY loudly. She also makes really funny meows when my dog comes over to her. So I thought she already made funny sounds. But recently, during quarantine, I’ve heard her meow totally differently. It sounds like she is talking to the birds because she makes little chip sounds, like words. 

It’s obvious that a lot of bad things have happened because of the coronavirus, but getting to know my cats better is not one of them.

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