Christina, 20

My time in quarantine has been quite boring and uneventful. I am in college and we transitioned in mid-to-late-March to online learning. Personally I love online learning. I can move at my own pace and it is mostly focused on individual assignments, which is where I thrive. However, there is a downside to that. I finished all my assignments about three weeks before the end of the semester. Then I had a week in between the spring semester and the first summer session. In a matter of days, my job was shut down.

As someone who works in the hospitality industry at a country club, specifically the fitness facility, it was evident my job would be one of the first to go. It frustrated me when both my school and work got canceled because I enjoy keeping myself busy. Going to those places helped me keep busy. I am a very motivated and driven person, but since the quarantine has begun most days I find it hard to make my bed in the morning. I just want to read books all day and play on my Nintendo Switch, which I can’t indulge in for too long.

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