100 Things To Do During Quarantine - By Greta

  1. Learn a different language.

  2. Wash your hands.

  3. Put something in the microwave, like cheese, and wait for the exact time it melts, then write it down.

  4. Make a play with your family.

  5. Start a new hobby.

  6. Watch old movies that your parents loved when they were a kid.

  7. Read awesome books, like my favorite, and my cousin’s favorite is Emily Windsnap. It’s about a mermaid and inspired me for one of my poems; it’s a great book.

  8. FaceTime

  9. Write in your diary.

  10. Make a boring song about quarantine.

  11. Convince your parents to get you a pet. (It’s working for me, it’s the perfect time.)

  12. Search the web for quarter dances you can learn to your favorite songs.

  13. Annoy your brother.

  14. Design fashion.

  15. Write a speech.

  16. Make a poem.

  17. Ride your bike.

  18. Make smoothies. 

  19. Make a video.

  20. Play with old, old toys.

  21. Watch epic fail videos.

  22. Make a potion.

  23. Make a book.

  24. Make a collage. (I have my own collage book, it’s very entertaining.)

  25. Do yoga.

  26. Do exercises.

  27. Write your own song.

  28. Play TicTacToe.

  29. Play new Sorry. 

  30. Clean your room. (Hey, I never said it was fun things to do in quarantine.)

  31. Have a water gunfight.

  32. Break out all you’re old do-it-yourself Christmas presents, like make your own bracelet, or make your own bath bomb.

  33. Ride your bike.

  34. Take a walk.

  35. Wash your hands again.

  36. Knit 

  37. Crochet

  38. Make a scavenger hunt for your family.

  39. Make an escape room for your family. Trust me, these are amazingly fun.

  40. Try this on your family members. Close walk up to them, and do an impression of them.

  41. Do a talent show with your family.

  42. Listen to podcasts.

  43. Do art.

  44. Play basketball.

  45. I know you can’t do this in quarantine, but this is fun. Go to a different country store, that’s not grammar, but whatever, and get random candy. Go home and try them all!

  46. If you have a cat, make it do funny dances.

  47. Prank your family members.

  48. Wash your hands again, again.

  49. If your brother is FaceTimeing, make him embarrassed.

  50. Take your brother’s stuff, write a note on it, put it back without him seeing you, and see if he notices.

  51. Do a class with your family and put a poster with time and date on it on the fridge.

  52. Dissect a dead animal if you want to.

  53. Play your old instrument.

  54. If your parents ask you to do your homework, make a whole entire essay about science history, whatever, then tell them to flip it over and write that it is completely fake.

  55. Make a comedian skit .

  56. Do a hand clap, wash your hands right after, again, again, again.

  57. Make a bookmark.

  58. Use old scraps to make a dress or skirt or shirts or pants.

  59. Look at old baby photos of yourself.

  60. Paint

  61. Try on your old clothes.

  62. Cook

  63. Binge watch Stranger Things.

  64. Or if you’re too young, watch Alexa and Katie on Netflix. It’s a pretty good binge watch.

  65. Wash your hands again, again, again, again.

  66. Come up with your own creature.

  67. Make a book of spells.

  68. Play charades.

  69. If you have a younger sibling, make a video and say it’s in the future, and they have to save the world. Watch as they tell everybody to not eat yogurt because it’s poison.

  70. Plant

  71. Try and learn a new sport if you have the supplies.

  72. Make a craft.

  73. Try and make a new talent.

  74. Practice singing.

  75. Practice Napoleon Dynamite dancing.

  76. That reminds me, ask your parents if you can watch their favorite movies when they were the same age.

  77. Wash your hands again, again, again, again, again.

  78. lf you have Nerf guns, make a dartboard and see how many points you get.

  79. Learn to do a bird call.

  80. Make a puzzle.

  81. Do a puzzle.

  82. Write to your penpal. I have a same-age cousin and it’s really fun to have a penpal.

  83. Make a date for your parents.

  84. Make a tent and camp out in your backyard.

  85. Make a list of trips you want to go on, then throw it away because it’s useless, but then all that hard work is gone to waste. Dig it out of the trash, wash your hands. Then noticed that the paper is dirty, so wash that too. Then you just ruined the piece of paper, but it was useless anyway, so you make a new one.

  86. Teach your pets to do fun tricks.

  87. Do a rap competition.

  88. I know some of these are kind of boring, but my mom says that there’s going to be younger kids doing this too.

  89. Do the splits, but then realize that you can’t do the splits. Ask your parents to lift you out of the splits.

  90. Do a dance party.

  91. Look at cookbooks.

  92. Try to make your parents laugh.

  93. Do funny things with your brother like, we listen to Danger Zone, and we would be fun and innocent, but when it says danger zone, we would have angry faces. When I do my angry face for Danger Zone, everybody in my family laughs.

  94. Practice juggling.

  95. Make a circus.

  96. Wash your hands again, again, again, again, again, again.

  97. Play a game like Spot it.

  98. Do the chicken dance.

  99. Come up with your own dance.

  100. Make up your own list of things to do with your family in quarantine.

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